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Weiser SmartCode 5 ZWave Plus Motorized Lever Set Lock

  • The SmartCode 5 lever lock with Zwave Plus from Weiser communicates wirelessly with other devices using ZWave technology. This standalone device provides secure access with individual user codes rather than keys, enabling you to give family members and employees their own personalized codes that can be added or removed as necessary. A web-enabled ZWave controller can be used to remotely check if a door is locked or to remotely lock or unlock the door and you can also receive email alerts about the door’s status from anywhere in the world. The motorized lock means you can allow access or lock the door any time, from any place. Use the home automation controller to set up events so that unlocking the door will automatically trigger heating or A/C to come on. Patented side locking bar technology offers improved security by protecting against lock bumping to gain entrance. Owners can easily rekey the lock to work with a different Weiser key so that all locks in the home can use the same key or change keys for security.