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Weiser SmartCode 10 ZWave Plus Traditional Touch Screen Deadbolt

  • The 9GED21500-009 SmartCode touchscreen deadbolt from Weiser lets you control who has access to your home using ZWave technology. This lock is a replacement model for the 9GED21500-004 and features an extended battery life, over-the-air updates, faster communication (up to 240MB from 40MB,) and a longer range of 80 to 100 feet (24 to 30.5m). Deadbolt features a quick one-touch lock, cool white LED display, and can quickly detect correctly entered codes for faster exit and entry. The interior size has been reduced dramatically and the SecureScreen™ feature displays 2 random digits on the screen that must be touched before entering codes so that intruders can’t break in by reading finger smudges. Up to 30 user codes can be defined. Best of all, when combined with a ZWave automation controller or security system the lock can be operated remotely, allowing you to lock or unlock, check status, or receive notifications about activity from anywhere. (Zwave controller/system sold separately).