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Weiser Smartcode 10 ZWave Plus 11 Button Contemporary Deadbolt

  • This SmartCode 10 Contemporary Deadbolt with ZWave Plus from Weiser works with ZWave enabled alarms or smart home system to provide remote control, status, and alerts. Family members can use codes rather for secure access to the lock without worrying about losing keys. You can easily add or removed codes as needed to provide quick access without rekeying the lock. Owners can also rekey the lock to work with a different Weiser key so that all of the locks in the home use the same key. Using a web-enabled ZWave controller or alarm system, you can remotely check if the door is locked and lock or unlock the door as needed, while receiving email alerts from anywhere in the world whenever the door is unlocked. A home automation controller can be used to set up events such as turning on the A/C or heating for when you get home.