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Swissmar 11 Piece Sierra Cast Iron Fondue Set

Swissmar's Sierra 11-piece meat fondue set is made for heating oil or broth to an even, consistent temperature to properly cook bite-sized chunks of beef, chicken, seafood or pork. Crafted with enameled cast iron, the wide straight-sided pot holds a generous 1.6 quarts/1.5 litres of liquid and can either be preheated on a stovetop or warmed directly over the fondue flame. The matching rechaud stands on three sturdy legs with high arches to easily access the paste/gel fuel burner. Below, a handsome light wood base securely holds the entire fondue set while protecting tabletops from heat and drips and the pot is also fitted with a removable splatter guard that fits snugly with slots for six forks. For multipurpose usage, simply remove the splatter guard and lower the heat to melt cheese, or use the pot as a warmer for appetizers, buffet items, chili or soup.

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