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NuvoMed Car HEPA Filtered Air Purifier

  • This car air purifier from NuvoMed offers a convenient and easy way to help keep the air you breathe in your car nice and clean. Thanks to the included HEPA filter, the device removes 99% of air impurities that flow through it. It helps to remove odors from smoke, mold, pet scents, dust pollen, and other impurities, kills bacteria and germs, releases negative ions, and helps foster a safe breathing environment. The device is quiet and is powered via a 12v DC plug and turns on when your car ignition starts. Ideal for anyone who suffers from allergies.

  • Features include:

    • Kills harmful bacteria and germs
    • Removes smoke and odor
    • Releases negative ions
    • HEPA filter removes 99% of air impurities
    • Perfect for people who suffer from allergies
    • 12v DC powered, included