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Hubitat Elevation C 7 Smart Home Hub for ZWave

Keep your devices integrated with this innovative smart hub. The all-new Hubitat Elevation C7 Smart Home Hub supports ZWave, Zigbee and a wide range of other IP and cloud-based devices. Unlike many other smart hubs, Hubitat Elevation keeps data local — your data stays private and rules are executed in the hub rather than the cloud. The powerful smart hub is designed for tech-savvy users and technically inclined installers. Aimed at those who are looking for advanced integrations and are willing to spend some time on set-up, it requires your customization out-of-the-box to make it work for you.

The hub’s “Rule Machine” creates automation rules that can be simple or complex. Users can take advantage of user-written third party plug-in apps to expand functionality even further. The new C7 version uses a series 700 ZWave chip to support the newest ZWave devices while maintaining backwards compatibility with older devices. It supports S2 security and network inclusion and C7 supports a wide range of Zigbee devices. Integrate devices from a multitude of brands including Philips Hue, Lutron Caseta, RadioRA2 and more. Appropriate bridges will be required and sold separately. Hubitat Elevation C7 supports both Google Home and Alexa voice assistants. It also has built-in support for IFTTT to connect with many other platforms. Hubitat's warranty is 90 days.