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HomeSeer ZWave Plus Water Leak Sensor with Dock and Probe

  • The Homeseer HS-LS100+ leak sensor can be used to activate various home automation events when a leak is detected. Triggering occurs when the sensor picks up water or a lack of water in an environment that should typically either be dry or wet, depending on what it’s meant to look out for. This device is Z-Wave Plus certified for use with Gen5 Z-Wave products. This gives it an increased battery life, improved range as well as a host of other features that have been enhanced from previous versions. If your home controller also supports S2 security encryption, it can be added as a secure device. Unit functionality won’t be affected if encryption isn’t present. The leak sensor is designed to be either used free-standing or mounted on a wall. Place it on a flat horizontal surface beside appliances like a washing machine or mount it near pipes to determine if they have water going through them or not. The sensor comes with a lithium battery, magnetic wall mount with cable probe, mounting hardware and a user guide.