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G.E. Jasco Enbrighten

Enbrighten Seasons Vintage LED Cafe Lights White Cord 12 Bulbs / 24 Feet

  • Bring the newest outdoor lighting technology to your home with these vintage LED café lights from Enbrighten. Their rustic look is a great addition to patios and backyards as well as indoor parties and basements. Incredibly efficient, these lights reduce energy use by over 95% without compromising lighting quality. Made of acrylic, each bulb is highly durable and impact resistant and comes with a lifetime warranty, meaning you don’t have to worry about changing them. The lights come with a remote control that lets you change the colour and effect modes like fade and strobe as well as a timer and 10 different dimmer levels. Can be linked with other strands to up to 750 feet. Comes with a white cord.