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Dome ZWave Plus Motion and Light Sensor

  • Trigger events when movement is detected with this motion detector from Dome. The unit performs a variety of automations including turning on lights, sending notifications, sound alarms, or turning heating on. Imagine coming home in the winter after a long day to find your heat turned on automatically to make your home cozy, or to know when someone has entered your home by receiving a notification on your smartphone. The DMMS1 has a wireless range of up to 150 feet depending on the environment it's in. Comes with a red LED status indicator that will blink in different sequences depending on what it's trying to indicate. The unit’s ambient light sensor also helps to prevent false alarms. This sensor is Z-Wave Plus-certified to allow compatibility with most Z-Wave certified automation controllers such as Vera, SmartThings, HomeSeer, and Nexia, so that sirens sound when motion is detected in your home and your alarm is set to Away Mode. Z-Wave Plus also means an improved wireless range and response time due to increased bandwidth. Requires a Z-Wave gateway controller to operate.