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ismartgate Wired Magnetic Sensor

  • This wireless waterproof magnetic sensor is for use with our ismartgate PRO/LITE Wi-Fi controllers. Use it to remotely monitor the status of your gate or garage door from a smartphone, tablet, PC or Apple Watch. The sensor sends real time alerts through the iPhone/Android/Homekit app or via email when the door is open, closed, or left open Please note: this is not a stand-alone product and is only for use with ismartgate Pro and Lite devices.

  • 30-ft long cable and 24# AWG gauge:
    The wired sensor WDS comes with enough cable for residential, commercial or industrial applications.

    No battery required:
    This sensor does not require batteries. Ideal for gates or garage doors with lots of traffic.

    Easy to install:
    The wired sensor WDS can be screwed or pasted to a gate, whatever you prefer. Connection to iSmartgate is via cable screwed in ports 7 to 10.

    The wired sensor WDS can be used in all kinds of environments. Ideal for outdoor use or areas with severe temperature changes.

    1.5-inch gap:
    The wired sensor WDS includes a potent magnet with 1.5-inch gap to detect status on all kind of gates, no matter the conditions.

    Real time alerts:
    Receive alerts when gate is open, closed or left open on your Smartphone or via email. ismartgate device required.

    Compatible with roller doors and pedestrian gates:
    The wired sensor WDS is also recommended for use in roller doors and shutters. Can also be used to monitor pedestrian gates/doors traffic.

  • Feature Description
    Output Normally Closed (NC)
    Max. switching voltage 100V DC
    Max. contact rating 10W
    Max. switching current 0.5 A
    Max. carrying current 1.0 A
    Temperature -20ºC / 80ºC
    Material ABS
    Contact life 1x 10^8
    Waterproof Yes - IP65
    Cable gauge 24# AWG (2 cables)