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First Alert

First Alert 10 Year Battery Powered Smoke and CO Detector with Voice Alert

  • Keep your home and loved ones safe from carbon monoxide gas and smoke with this battery-powered combination smoke/CO detector from First Alert that includes voice location technology. The sleek design is only half the size of a standard combination detector, allowing it to blend in with more ease with your home's décor. This combination detector is equipped with a photoelectric sensor that is designed to detect signs created by a smouldering fire. It can easily distinguish the difference between cooking smoke and shower steam versus an actual fire emergency, reducing annoying false alarms. It's also equipped with an electrochemical sensor for monitoring carbon monoxide levels. In the event of detecting either smoke or carbon monoxide the alarm will sound an 85dB siren that's designed to be heard by even the heaviest of sleepers. The unit comes with a single button that allows for silencing the alarm and to test it to ensure it is working. The built-in lithium-ion battery has a 10-year lifespan, meaning uninterrupted service throughout the entire lifespan of the detector. Comes with mounting bracket and hardware as well as a user manual.