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January 13, 2021

Creating and maintaining a healthy routine is a New Year’s resolution you can stick to with easy tips from Rümi.

Hello, January! The holiday break is over, the tree is down, and all the yummy baking and treats have been picked over. We hope you enjoyed a little R&R this Christmas after what has been a most challenging year.  

2020 has provided lots of perspective about what we should prioritize, and at the top of that list for many is maintaining our health. So, what better time than now to choose a healthy habit or two to start the year off right? 

There’s a lot of content out there giving advice for how to change your entire lifestyle, top-to-bottom, to get healthy. But we’d like to believe that most of us are doing the best we can already. Suggesting you “change everything” is overwhelming and unrealistic.  

Here at Rümi, we’ve come up with a list of healthy choices you can gradually incorporate into your already stellar life. Nothing drastic. Nothing trendy. Just sensible ideas that are a good reminder that living healthfully does not require new gadgets, a lot of money, and an entirely different approach to your lifestyle. Rather, fine tweaks here and there can make a huge difference. 



A good night’s sleep is the best ammunition to face a busy day. Sleep can help you lose weight faster (if that’s one of your goals) and handle stress more gracefully. Make bedtime the best time. Try and hit the hay at the same time every night. Get some fresh air and exercise during the day, turn off your screens (even this one) at least an hour before you turn in, and keep your room dark and cool.   

Nobody wants to sleepwalk through the day, and getting enough Zzz’s more often than not will help ensure you’re wide awake to live life to its fullest. 



Human bodies are designed to move, and sometimes it feels like our increasingly sedentary lifestyles are at war with nature. Carve out specific time for movement as many times per week as possible, because exercise has tremendous positive effects not only on your body, but on your brain as well.  

Even in more “normal” times, we’d suggest that if you hate the gym, don’t go to the gym! Biking, walking and kicking a ball around with your kids all count, so find something you love and get going. With lockdown and social distancing making typical activities infinitely more difficult, simply do the best you can to stay active, even if that means a dance party for one in your kitchen. 

Thousands of free online yoga and cardio classes are available that cater to every level, mood and timeframe. Local gyms and boutique fitness facilities are even offering virtual classes led by your favourite instructors for a small fee. Most classes don’t require a lot of space and all are designed to be done within the comfort of your own home. It’s not ideal, but that doesn’t make getting a move on any less important.  



When that tummy rumbles, it’s easy to get tunnel vision and feed the beast with whatever foods are within reach—usually foods that are high in salt, fat and calories. Do your diet and wallet a favour and take 30 minutes each week to plan at least a few dinners before heading out to the grocery store.  

You’ll have healthier ingredients on hand, and you’ll save money by not grabbing pre-made dishes or takeout that can cost way more than home cooking (although if you are planning to order out, try to support local as often as you can).  

Keep things interesting by trying out satisfying recipes that include lots of whole grains and vegetables. Stock up on your favourite smoothie add-ins and whip one up each morning in a versatile power blender to start the morning off with a boost of energy. 



Our bodies are made mostly of water. Staying hydrated ensures we have what we need to function properly and recover quickly from sickness and injury. In fact, low levels of hydration can be linked to fatigue, headaches and increased food cravings. To make sure you’re getting your H2O, drink water first thing in the morning before you move onto anything harder – yeah, we know. We can’t live without our morning caffeine either. 



Learning to cook is one of the greatest gifts you can give to your health. While making time to cook within a hectic day can feel like a “chore”, try turning it into an act of mindfulness and self-care. You can even tie on a stylish apron to set the mood. It helps! Nourishing your body is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Listen, we love our takeout faves as much as anyone, but put them on the backburner some nights and fire up a homecooked meal instead. Try this healthy small batch chili to warm hungry stomachs when it’s cold outside. 



Like, really, put it down. At least sometimes. The average person spends almost three hours checking their phone each day. Just think of all the time that could be spent outdoors, moving, reading, or, yes, cooking! Constant digital connection has also been known to increase stress and hamper our ability to fall asleep with ease. So instead of scrolling through an endless feed of cake fails and cat videos, turn off your phone at least one hour before bed and allow yourself to relax and unwind without the digital stress. 



Creating a healthier lifestyle does not mean that you need to turn your world upside-down. We’ve all experienced enough big changes lately to last a good long while. But small changes, here and there, can still make a big difference. Remember, you’re not in competition with anyone but yourself. So, take your time, do what feels right, and have fun exploring new activities, recipes, and ways to make your days as healthy and fulfilling as possible. Happy new year!